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  1. Arashilkis 1 year ago

    Vuen movie amigo pero te faltГі en cuatro y que le des duro que se wntiwrre toda tu vwrga en esa vaginay quete vengas adentro

  2. Yozshuzuru 1 year ago

    Speaking into an established narrative though. Love both my light and dark skinned black folk, but let’s not act like there isn’t a long established practice in both media and elsewhere of favoring light skin while excluding, demeaning, and shaming dark skin, there’s no urgent need for light skin representation. It’s why you generally don’t see whites crying discrimination about BET and Telemundo when the overwhelming majority of media reflects their lives and their world view. Where’s the hunger when you’ve already been fed?

  3. Grolkree
    Grolkree 1 year ago

    Cancel. Why is she flipping out and walking out on him just because he chooses to have a beverage? That’s messed up thing to do in this situation. I mean, I wouldn’t be thrilled if a guy only drank something on our date but it sounds like this guy doesn’t have a lot of money from the way the situations are described. Also, wtf @ a shared bank account for dating.

  4. Diramar 1 year ago

    Team Skeet never let down.

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